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From daily life challenges to interpersonal relationships, we are here to support you.

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Counselling is a conversation between an individual (including couples and families) and a professional counsellor to explore thoughts and feelings during a time of transition or difficulty in life.
A professional counsellor will listen carefully to your concerns, and help you with exploring and identifying ways to cope with your situations.
Affordable walk-in and ongoing Counselling Services. Available to all residents of York Region, regardless of religious affiliation.


You will get a chance to work with a counsellor and discuss immediate concerns, strategies for coping, and available resources.

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You will meet with a counsellor regularly for a period of time. Together, you will explore and identify ways to cope with your situations and work toward your goals.



You will meet with a counsellor, who will develop an individual care plan with you. This may include counselling, identifying community resources that you can benefit from, and outreaching to other agencies to advocate on your behalf.

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You can attend presentations and workshops which will provide useful information on various wellness topics.


What people say about us:

  • “Family counselling has helped us as a family to understand and communicate better. My level of anxiety is significantly has reduced – Pay more attention to myself – increase my self-awareness.”

    Counselling Client
  • “I cannot express enough how grateful I am for having access to the counselling service of CCSYR. […] their counselling service was truly life saving for me. My counsellor was amazing and professional. I was very comfortable with her and following her practical and wise advice, really helped me.”

    Counselling Client
  • “I feel much better equipped with all the new resources and practices I have learned to cope healthily, and I know that I am now solidly in the middle of my mental health and wellness journey.”

    Counselling Client
  • “[My counsellor] has been so thoughtful, encouraging, patient, and open with all of our communications throughout. I loved the approach and perspective being very cooperative, adaptable to my needs and goals”

    Counselling client
  • “I really liked how easily accessible it was and how I received many resources, I really appreciate everything that I learned during our sessions. The environment was quite casual and calming, and I felt respected and listened to.”

    Counselling client
  • “It was a really good experience for me and I openly recommend it to others. This has been the most life changing help I have ever received. The things I learned have changed my life.”

    Counselling client
  • “My living situation has improved. I found and moved into a safe and warm apartment. My communication and relationship with my 11-year-old has improved. I feel that I can be a better parent now since I have had the help and someone to turn to while handling all life’s emotional chaos.”

    Counselling client
  • “My counsellor always met me where I was at, and was able to address my troubles, and understand and trust me to know my own abilities and life best.”

    Counselling client

Counselling services are available to all residents of the York Region, regardless of religious affiliation.

To get started, call us at 905-770-7040 ext. 241
(toll free 1-800-263-2075).

    I wish to inquire about Counselling Services. Please contact me.

    Counselling FAQ’s

    • What languages are the services available in?

      We offer services in various languages, please call to inquire.

    • How much does it cost?

      CCSYR is a nonprofit agency. We aim to provide accessible counselling services to all York Region residents.
      Fees are charged on a sliding scale according to each client’s household income. No one is turned away for financial reasons. Proof of income may be required to ensure fairness to all clients.

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