Mahmood Bashash

Mahmood Bashash

Marketing and Communications Lead

Mahmood brings more than two decades of digital marketing expertise, cultivated across diverse international landscapes including Iran, UAE, and Canada. With a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a solid foundation in software programming, his analytical thinking is primed for effective data management. His extensive technical background harmonizes seamlessly with his proficiency in project management and facilitation.

A versatile content creator, Mahmood has authored multiple Amazon books, while also making his mark as a prominent blogger, podcaster, and authority in marketing automation. This prowess is complemented by his commitment to community service. Mahmood volunteers his time to educate newcomers, employing both in-person seminars in Richmond Hill and impactful Zoom webinars. His focus is on guiding these individuals in leveraging social media for business expansion.

In summation, Mahmood embodies a blend of technical acumen, cross-cultural sensitivity, and marketing insight. His multifaceted skill set, coupled with his dedication to community enrichment, positions him as an indispensable asset in the realm of digital marketing.

Mahmood is the author of Beyond Clicks book published on Amazon:
Beyond Clicks by Mahmood Bashash