Polina Nehriu and Serhii Kolpakov

It’s been more than one year now since we arrived from Ukraine. We have a big household with two kids, a dog and two cats. We’re eternally grateful to my neighbours in Richmond Hill who told us about CCSYR. They helped us get in touch with the staff. And we met Valentyna Burbelo at the agency, who helped us with each step moving forward. Whether we needed guidance with the school education system, housing or financial literacy, she provided us all.

Eventually, I (Polina) applied for a job with the Community Engagement team at CCSYR and was lucky to be hired. I had developed strong interpersonal and people skills while working in Ukraine’s hospitality industry. And today, I leverage those skills working with wonderful and dedicated co-workers. I also know about the challenges of newcomers and can guide them in the right direction because I have walked their journey. I feel so proud to be part of the CCSYR family.