Maryam Emadyrazavi

I arrived here in 2018 from Iran. I was working as an accountant till I moved. I knew rebuilding my life would be difficult because I had no job and struggled to communicate in English. I was under lots of stress and could hardly focus on anything. In such a crisis, I benefitted greatly from CCSYR’s counselling services. Homaira Ghazvini Nejad is an excellent therapist who helped me with my socio-emotional regulation and guided me with strategies to increase my attention span.

Meanwhile, I attended several information sessions to learn about the settlement services offered by the agency. The settlement staff, Shahla Shakeriaski, was immensely helpful in sharing the community resources and financial assistance programs available for students. Thanks to her guidance, I enrolled in a post-secondary accounting program. Life is better now, and I’m working as an accountant again.