Helga Sommerstein

I’m grateful to CCSYR for rescuing me from a life ridden with loneliness and anxiety. I did not know anything about technology, let alone navigating the world of digital technology. As a result, I always feared missing out on so many good things! Dorsa Jafari of CCSYR stood by me at every step and taught me how to navigate the complexities of the tech world. She is my favourite tutor, with boundless patience and a high knowledge of information technology (IT). Dorsa even taught me to use my new cell phone and tablet.

I’m surprised how she troubleshoots every IT problem of mine. She has the solution whether I need to search for a Word document or learn a new skill. I know there is still much more to learn, but being paired with a mentor like her feels empowering. And I cannot thank CCSYR enough for it.