Chia Wahab

I was so busy taking care of kids and setting up a new home that I never got a chance to explore Canadian society after moving here from Iraq in 2018. I came with my husband and three children for a better life. I had no idea that a fire was waiting to engulf and destroy our family. In 2020, a devastating fire killed two of my children, left me severely burnt and even broke my marriage. For six months, I kept fighting for my life in the hospital. I’m awaiting more surgeries and medical treatments in the next few months. In fact, I’m not even sure how long my recovery will take. But I have learned to believe in the power of healing, thanks to a robust support network in CCSYR.

Eventually, I began joining English classes, attending meditation programs and learning about Canadian life. The amazing staff, including Isik Yavuz, also guided me about accreditation programs I can use to restart my civil engineering career. All of them are my friends now, and every time I meet them, they encourage me to inch closer to positivity.