Azizurrahman Rafiee

I was a human rights activist for 30 years in Afghanistan and led a charity involving 5,000 plus people. But when the extremists were about to take over the country in 2021, I fled with my family to save our lives. And after moving to Canada, my sole focus was establishing a stable future for my children. I didn’t want my decision to uproot the family from Afghanistan to wreak havoc on their lives. I’m glad CCSYR took care of my worry! From guiding them with enrollment into schools and English language classes to validating their academic certificates, the organization helped my children.

The staff also helped my adult son and daughter with tips on cultural adaptation in the new country. They were also provided information on career choices suiting their skills and interests. Currently, my wife attends English classes at CCSYR, and I remotely supervise my organization’s work in Afghanistan to protect human rights. But more than anything, I’m relieved that my children are all successfully settled today, thanks to CCSYR!