Anna Gutta-Ustymenko

Over a year ago, I arrived in Canada with my mom and daughter, leaving behind my husband and well-established career in war-torn Ukraine. Though I received a warm welcome in my brother’s house in Aurora, I immediately knew I would need extensive support to restart my life. English language classes, an enhanced language training program through a partner agency, and volunteering work- I used every opportunity that CCSYR sent my way! Luckily, I was hired for the Ukrainian Special Project and eventually promoted to a full-time role at CCSYR. Meanwhile, I also earned a food handler’s certificate to begin a bakery at home. I love baking for family, friends and neighbours. My mom and daughter are happily adapting to the new life here. And I count my blessings every day with only two goals in the future: one, to publish my cookbook with Ukrainian recipes, and second, to reunite with my husband.