Anahita Jahanbakhsh

It’s a no-brainer that beginning a new life in a foreign country is hard. Add to this: I had two toddlers to raise without any help or family support after moving from Iran with my husband and two young kids in 2018.

CCSYR’s parenting workshops, run by Homaira Ghazvini Nejad, were a divine intervention for me. I attended as many events as possible, trying to understand parenting expectations and social rules in Canada.

The workshops/information sessions on parenting and the school education system became my go-to resources for achieving work-life balance and prioritizing self-care. As a young mom, I also needed help making a career choice that would be beneficial in the long term.

The CCSYR’s staff guided me in the right direction and shared every suitable option so that I could pursue my professional goals after weighing in all the pros and cons.