Digital Services

Reaching and helping newcomers, local and beyond

Our settlement services are just a click away from your home or any other spot you prefer. You only need a stable internet connection to join our group activities and sessions! And all services are free.

Imagine practicing your English or French language skills in a live, interactive environment or attending study groups for tailored guidance for your professional journey without having to worry about commute or childcare.

Our virtual groups can help you multi-task, manage time and increase your productivity without worrying about distance, weather or any other logistics. The support groups for newcomers and settlement information sessions can even prepare you for Canadian life and help you bond with your new community.

What we offer:

  • Online English/French Conversation Circles (ECC/FCC)
  • Online ESL Book Clubs
  • Online ESL café
  • Professional Study Groups for International Educated Healthcare Professionals (IMG, IEN, IED, etc.)
  • Virtual Newcomer Support Groups
  • Digital Skills Development: Digital Buddies
  • Online Information sessions on various settlement topics
    • important documents
    • immigration
    • healthcare system
    • legal system
    • employment
    • government benefits and programs
    • community safety
    • local government services
    • and more…