Ghada Mahmoud

Ghada Mahmoud

Program Coordinator – Schools

Ghada Mahmoud is a leader who is highly motivated and goal-oriented, having more than eight years of experience working with SEPYR/ CCSYR as a Settlement Service and Program coordinator.

Work ethic and responsibility are important to her, as well as dedication, and astuteness. Demonstrating unwavering dedication to CCSYR’s clients, partners, values, and goals is a fundamental aspect of her work ethic. A work culture that fosters a respectful and cooperative work environment for the team.

Newcomers benefit from Ghada’s positive and impactful superpower, which influences, persuades, and inspires them to cope with their new circumstances. Her passion is to inspire and empower newcomers to succeed in their new life in Canada. Engaging with clients and organizing events that are inclusive and diverse for newcomers is something she loves.

Proven ability to identify the needs of newcomers, work under pressure, and successfully accept new and challenging responsibilities when needed. Committed to continuously improving through positive change and education.

Exploring the world has always been a lifelong passion, and in her free time, she likes to travel to new places and learn more about the cultures and history of different countries. She likes to immerse herself in different cultures and historic places, meet different people from different countries, learn more about their customs, traditions, and culture, and collect souvenirs. She loves to explore and enjoy nature.

Gardening is one of her favorite things to do. Providing her with a sense of connection to the outdoors with green plants and flowers and filling her lungs with fresh air. The joy she derives from planting and growing flowers and vegetables is an unparalleled sense of satisfaction.