Dedication and Continuous Support

You have made a difference through your dedication and continuous support of IMG and their program. During this sensitive period of time, with your hardworking, you help us to have our sessions online without any interruption which is really critical to our exam…Again, thank you for your contribution time and effort.

I came in to CCSYR knowing that I was able to have support from CCSYR because of their scaling fees. I discussed my concerns with feeling depressed, overwhelmed and anxious due to a resent estranged relationship with a family member.

Throughout the duration of counselling, I processed my emotional well-being. I became more aware of myself and learned some coping strategies, self-care, and self-compassion. Furthermore, I learned how to forgive, and to strengthen my Catholic faith. By the end of counselling I was able to reconnect with my family and I found hope as I grew in my relationship with God. I could not have gone through this hardship without my counsellor who not only helped me in my emotional and mental well-being, but also with my faith in God.

We are writing this letter to thank you. We had a session on our application with her to fill out our forms, prepare our documents and check our process applying for PR through spouse sponsorship. In this session we found her knowledgeable, patient and very helpful. She is straight forward, responsible and tries to do whatever she can for her clients . We wanted to thank you and her for your continuous support.

Through internet, we connected with an LSP worker even before we were landed. …just like many other immigrants, what we obviously needed was some reliable information about how to lead a safe, calm life, how to get settled and many other how-tos. Google is always there to help but this time not as much as an LSP worker, who provided us reliable, relevant information in a kind and professional way.
Thanks to all good advice we had been given.

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