Inspiring Stories

  • Complicated Case

    Helping clients with complicated cases to come back to normal life…

  • Wonderful Team

    I really want to appreciate you and your team for the wonderful work you are doing. Thank you for your help in filling my tax today….

  • Become part of a family

    It’s nice to be speaking to another 1st generation immigrant people.Family counselling has helped us as a family to understand and communicate better.

  • Dedication and Continuous Support

    You have made a difference through your dedication and continuous support of IMG and their program…

  • Cooperative, Transparent, Adaptable

    I loved the approach and perspective being very cooperative, adaptable to my needs and goals, and transparent about the procedures and required check-ins.

  • Your Success Story

    Here is the place reserved for your success story… send it to us to be shared with other immigrants who will have challenges similar to yours…

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