Family Counselling and Groups at CCSYR

Conselling Services

We help people work through personal and relationship challenges, cope with life transitions and enhance well-being, in themselves and in their relationships. We offer professional, confidential, affordable, accessible and timely counseling and therapy.

Walk-In Clinic

How do I get started?

Call the Intake Line. No referral is needed. You will have a brief interview over the phone - about 10 minutes. We match you up with an appropriate counsellor, as close as possible to the time, day and location that works best for you.  Call Intake at 905-770-7040 ext.241. Toll free 1-800-263-2075

What does counseling help with?

How do I choose what’s right for me?

It’s OK not to know right away. We always start with an initial consultation. In the first couple of sessions you and the counselor will work out your goals for counseling, what’s expected from the counselor, what’s expected from you, and whether counseling will be with you on your own, with your partner, or with your family. We respect that sometimes not everyone concerned with a family issue wants to be involved in counseling. We will work with whoever is available, whenever satisfactory outcomes can be expected.

How long does counseling take?

A typical session of counseling is about an hour. The average number of sessions is about 7, and when it goes longer, we re-contract every 6 or 8 sessions. We invite clients to plan for outcomes they can achieve in a matter of weeks or months – not years. We offer narrative, solution-focused, attachment-based, cognitive and other short term counselling approaches.

How long will I wait?

There is typically a wait for service. The average is about two weeks, but it depends on your availability. As times in the counsellors’  schedules are available, we offer those times to new clients. If you need a very specific day and time, you may have to wait up to two months. If you can be available any time, it could be just two or three days. The wait for daytime appointments is usually shorter than for evening appointments.  Also, the wait is usually shorter at the Richmond Hill location because it has the most counselors.


Counselling is available in English, Spanish, Farsi, Korean, Cantonese, Mandarin and Italian.  The Intake line is in English only. Let us know if you need to speak to someone in your own language about your request for counseling.

Locations and times

Richmond Hill: Monday to Thursday, 9 to 9; Friday 9 to 5.
Maple: Monday and Tuesday 1 to 9; Thursday and Friday 9 to 5.
Sutton: Monday and Tuesday, 9 to 5.
Newmarket: Wednesday, 1 to 9.
Pefferlaw: Tuesday, 1 to 9.

Our Team

Our counselors includes Registered Marriage and Family Therapists, Registered Social Workers and others with Master’s level training or more. The Intake Worker conducts intake interviews with all new clients. Front Desk staff at Richmond Hill greet clients. The Child-Minders and our Program Volunteers support clients and families, and help make your visits pleasant and productive

What is the cost?

Fees for counseling are determined on a sliding scale, based on household income and household size. Proof of income and address may be required. Non-residents are required to pay the full fee of $120.00 per session. Fees are payable before each session. Sometimes fees can be reimbursed to you by your extended health benefits. Sliding scale does not apply to third party payments. Ask  your plan administrator for details about what services are covered, and by what professionals (Registered Social Worker, Registered Marriage and Family Therapist, Psychologist). No one is turned away for lack of ability to pay.

Missed sessions cost everyone

Help us to keep our wait times short by keeping appointments. Clients are billed for missed sessions and late cancellations. When cancelling is unavoidable due to illness, for you or a child in your care, call your counselor as soon as you can.

Counselling Services

Need confirmation of attendance?

CCSYR will provide a letter, for the client, showing all scheduled dates and attendance, and basic information. Letters do not include assessments or evaluations, and are not written to 3rd parties.

Limitations to Counselling

Counselling will sometimes not be offered if there are unresolved safety issues, if required consent is not given, or if people with essential roles are not available. In some situations, such as high-conflict divorce, additional agreements may be required before counseling can proceed.
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